Adam Alter | Why our screens make us less happy


  • Warming up:

  • 1. How much time do you spend on your phone per day?

  • 2. Are there any moments that you feel you actually shouldn't be on your phone?

  • 3. If your children were to use their phone the way you do, would you correct them?

  • 4. Will we use our phones even more in the future? If so, what for, if not, why not?

  • Now watch the TedTalk and answer these questions:

  • 01. What is a common strategy in the business world?

  • 02. When are the kids who attend the Waldorf School allowed to use screens?

  • 03. Which question did Adam Alter ask himself?

  • 04. When people are near the end of their life, which part do they talk about?

  • 05. How many minutes of our free time do we spend on each apps that makes us unhappy?

  • 06. What do these "unhappy-making" apps rob us of?

  • 07. What did they do to the desks at a Dutch design firm?

  • 08. Which activity takes place in the room after that?

  • 09. Which reply do you get when you email a Daimler worker when they're on holiday?

  • 10. What can happen to your life when you put your phone away?

  • 11. What is his advice when you are on that long highway?
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