Amish | A Secret Life

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1. How many years does the religion of the Amish go back?


02. What do they risk by allowing themselves to be filmed?


03. Name three of the four children’s names.


04. Why do the Amish not have electricity in their homes?


05. What is their original language?


06. Why do the live by a strict set of rules?


07. Have their children been planned? 


08. How many children would Myriam like to have? 


09. How often do they go to church? 


10. How did they get together?


11. What should a dress bring out, according to Myriam?


12. How does Dave get to work usually?


13. Who says the blessing when the kids have breakfast? 


14. Could Dave get his own breakfast?


15. What does the bible say about women's role in the house?


16. How does Dave feel at work after school's out?


17. The children play nicely together. But what needs to be broken in every child?


18. What does Myriam sometimes have to use?


19. What needs to prepared when the church service it at their house?


20. What does the word "church" come from?


21. Why can't they film the church service?


22. What did the BBC then decide to do, after all? 


23. Try to make another question here ...

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