Autopsy | The Last Hours of Michael Jackson

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01. How many days until Jackson was supposed to give so many concerts?


02. How much money did Jackson earn in his lifetime?


03. How many law suits did he have lined up against him?


04. What is the colour of his skin? Did he have a skin condition?


05. Which new evidence did they uncover regarding his skin?


06. Why did Michael have so much plastic surgery?


07. What did the press call him? 


08. Which secret did he manage to keep from the press for 25 years? He was wearing a ___________ .


09. What did he want to show his kids by doing these concerts in London?


10. He didn't have the stamina to perform for __________ minutes.


11. What condition did he have that limited his movements?


12. Why did he have trouble with his lungs? 


13. What do white blood cells normally do?


14. Where did Michael regularly go to have some work done?


15. Which report must give us the final answer as to what killed him?


16. How much money was involved in the tour?


17. Which concerns did the email express?


18. Which medicine did Michael start using to fall asleep?


19. Who was feeding Michael's propofol addiction?


20. What finally killed him?

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