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Please write down the answers to the following questions in English


1. Give the title explanation of the book. Try to be as accurate as possible.


2. Describe the main character. Try to use at least 50 words. If the main character is a flat character, describe 2 or 3 of the characters in the book.


3. Chose an important passage from the book which you thought was vital to the story. Explain why you chose this passage. Use at least 50 words.


4. Has the main character changed towards the end of the book? If so, how is he/she different from the beginning?


5. Give your opinion of the book. Be specific! (Do not say: “I liked it because it was nice...” or something along those lines, but try to explain why you liked/hated the book.)


Remember to write legibly and try to stick to the point.

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