Britain's Biggest Hoarders


1. Yasmin goes to a hoarder's house. She knows one herself. Who is it?


2. Why is it hard for Marion to have a shower in her own house?


3. What triggered her husband, Alan, to start hoarding?


4. Yasmin says that Alan is very much in ___ , which word does she use?


5. Richard is different from Alan. How is he different?


6. Richard should undertake some action soon because ___?


7. What's happened to Richard that was new?


8. What type of world is this, does Yasmin say?


9. Why is Richard's bedroom unhealthy?


10. How did the house get like this, says Richard?


11. What has therapy done for Yasmin's mother?


12. What do hoarders normally don't have, according to Yasmin?


13. Which radical step do they take with Yasmin's mum?


14. What happens when she sees her stuff in the warehouse?


15. At the therapist's Yasmin is crying. Why?


16. Why did the local council send Marion and Alan a letter?


17. What does Yasmin want to find out when working with Alan for a day?


18. Does Alan see his hoarding as a problem?


19. How is this situation for Marion? How does she feel?


20. Will it be easy to help Richard?


21. What does Heather say is important when de-cluttering a house?


22. Why did Heather try to throw away the two tins of kidney beans?


23. Why do Alan, Marion and Yasmin meet at their daughter's house?


24. What does Alan's daughter say about talking to her dad?


25. What does Marion say she really wants?


26. How does Alan respond to his wife's wishes?


27. How many bags have been cleared at Richard's?


28. What does Heather want to try?


29. How does Richard respond?


30. What does the expert ask him several times?


31. What happened in Richard's childhood?


32. "These things are a part of my life", Richard says. The expert disagrees. How?


33. What's the problem when there are too many people at work for Alan?


34. Alan makes real progress. How does he feel about his stuff being thrown out?


35. Yasmin nearly has a meltdown. Why?


36. Richard's finally made progress. How?


37. Yasmin's mum has made a lot of progress too. What has she done finally?

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