Seeds of Freedom | Ethics

The environment is hot! Sustainability is trending. Well, there's nothing sustainable about Monsanto. Watch how they changed farmers' lives forever, and not for the better.


Watch the movie and while watching try to explain the following new vocabulary from the context:

Intro - 1'45"


Arisen =


Poignant =


Sacred =


Commodity =


Genetically engineered =


Tackling = 


Quote: "Diversity is key to our survival". Please explain.





Ancestral =


Forebears =


Inheritors = 


Breeding = 


Resilience = 


Nutritional =



The Road To Industry

While watching this part try to deduct what the farmers all say has happened to their line of work.


Embroiled = 


Hybrid = 


Indigenous = 


Purchased = 


Sustainable = 


Detrimental = 


Corporate = 


Yield = 


Maturation = 


Patented = 


Resistance = 



In conclusion watch the rest of the film and talk together about what this means. Is this the way to  

go? Should something be done? If so, what?


Or write an essay about this topic, using the movie as a basis. 

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