Megacities | Living in the city

Megacities | Living in the city

It is estimated that in 2050 75% of the world population will reside in cities. And that's a challenge. Come find out more about megacities with Andrew Marr.

  1. What is the great story of our time?
  2. How many mega-cities are there? Mention 4.
  3. How many people arrive in Dhaka every year?
  4. How is Mexico City described?

  5. How many people will live in cities in the year 2050?

  6. How did Shanghai’s richest man make his money?
  7. How fast is Shanghai changing?
  8. What type of building is the Shard in London?
  9. Who is the highest man up?
  10. What does it seem, is it that new skyscrapers are trying to say?

  11. Who are at the top of those buildings?
  12. How much does the apartment Andrew is going to visit cost?

  13. How does the family who live in the slums feel about their home?

  14. Where does Musharaf come from?

  15. What happens to Andrew during the night? Which animals does he refer to?

  16. What is the “natural unit” for people to live in, in Andrew’s opinion? 

  17. What does the specific symbol on Shanghai buildings mean?

  18. What happens to the old inhabitants of that part of the city?

  19. How many new houses are built on the edge of the city every month?

  20. Tokyo struggles with ___? 

  21. What would it do to Andrew to live in such a “flat”?

  22. Tokyo is a city with very high ___ [not buildings!]?

  23. What can Tokyo do to some people, like it did to Ugo?

  24. Which type of events are rented people rented for the most?
  25. How is it that so many people get killed in Mexico city?

  26. What is the “up side” to the city?

  27. What is the purpose for some people to go to taco stands?

  28. Sunday is ___? And Andrew calls Mexico City a ___ place.

  29. Even London is now getting friendlier. How?

  30. London is more open, more ___?

  31. Sometimes you have to go far to know what __? 
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Drinking to Oblivion

Find out more! (video not online available)

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Louis Theroux | Drinking to Oblivion

Louis follows a few alcoholics around in their attempt to get cleaned up. Gripping report!

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Discussion Topics

You might want to use one or more of these topics for class discussions

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Heineken | The Candidate

This is a wonderful, small clip which I use a lot when we talk about how to apply for a job. Fun music, footie, humour: this viral has it all.


General discussion in twos, groups or as a class [or think, pair, share]


1. How should someone present themselves in a job interview?

2. What clothing should be worn to an interview? Describe a suitable outfit [male and female].

3. What about your CV or resume? What should you list on it? Mention 4 different categories.

4. Try to get into the role of employer. What is the first thing you pay attention to when the

candidate walks in?

5. Try to convince the employer why it is that they need to hire you. You are the best

suitable candidate because ...

6. Back to being the candidate. How can you make sure you stand out from other people?


Let's watch the clip and have a look now.


Answer the following questions while watching the viral:


01. How many applicants wanted to become an intern at Heineken?


02. What "weird" thing do they do during phase 1?


03. How does the interviewer "surprise" the candidates in the office?


04. Why is it important that they leave the office?


05. Where is the final test?


06. How does the music help the general feeling you get?



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