Designed By Apple

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Work in pairs, ask each other these questions and remember: you will be quizzed about the

answers of your partner! [note taking is obligatory]


01. Which type of smart phone do you own and why?


02. List the top three apps you use and guess how often you use them.


03. Which specs did you pay attention to when you bought it?


04.  What is a function on your phone that you currently miss?


Proceed now and watch the clip.


05. What is Apple trying to sell in this ad?


06. How does this ad differ from other phone ads?


Rewatch the clip and find the words which are used for: 


1. handiness

2. too much

3. intense pleasure

4. to build

5. make less complicated


07. What sets Apple apart from their competition, do you think?


08. Would you buy their products? Yes, because ... No, because ...

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