Fast Bucks | How Porsche Made Millions

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01. What is a Porsche for a city trader?


02. Which rival did Porsche try to take over?


03. What happened with the shares could be called …


04. What are the bosses of Porsche announcing on the press conference?


05. How did their new boss change the company from 1991?


06. Which brands fall under the name Volkswagen?


07. How much did Porsche make in 2006-2007 from Volkswagen options?


08. What was happening to the rest of the car industry at the same time Porsche was doing well?


09. What were hedge funds [beleggingsfondsen] betting on?


10. With shortselling you first buy the shares and then you …?


11. How did it become known Porsche owned so many Volkswagen shares?


12. What bombshell did Porsche drop on the Sunday?


13. What did the traders try to do after they heard the news?


14. Which emotion ruled the stock market then?


15. Did Porsche buy VW-shares only for a profit?


16. Who can tell us what really went wrong?


17. What’s Porsche’s statement in the press conference? Did they manipulate the situation?


18. Whose money is managed by hedge fund managers?


19. Who is the winner in this story? How much do they own of Volkswagen?



Ask yourself this:


- Is this way of making money fair?

- Do you know of other examples of making money this way?

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