Fed Up | Katie Couric



01. Mention 2 types of food they eat in the south.

02. Which subtle message is pushed on us?

03. As more people began to exercise, waist lines __________

04. What did the doctor advise Maggie to do?

05. Which phrase is now modern?

06. Why is al almond calorie not a soft drink calorie?

07. How do the food producers get good research done?

08. What does Wesley's brain tell him?

09. What do the dark stains on his body indicate?

10. Which year is marked as the year the obesity crisis started?

11. What did the food producers start to take out of the food?

12. What can insuline do to your brain?

13. How many food items have added sugar?

14. What does fruit contain that is good?

15. If a foreign country did this to our children we'd probably ____________________

16. How did the sugar lobby stop the WHO's report in 2004?

17. What did Michelle Obama try to do?

18. What does dr Lustig say: "They're in business to __________

19. How did Mrs Obama's message change?

20. Which new task did the USDA get?

21. When milk became skim, what was left?

22. The government in a schizophrenic role: one the one hand they __________ while on the other hand they're __________

23. When was the School Lunch Act signed?

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Louis Theroux | The city addicted to crystal meth