Food Inc | How our food is made

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First watch the documentary and answer the following questions:


01. Which image of food is used to sell to people?


02. Why does the industry not want us to know the truth about food?


03. Your food doesn't come from a farm, it comes from a ___.


04. Why did the McDonald brothers create this factory system?


05. How come the production of ground beef is influenced by McDonalds?


06. Name two meat producing companies.


07. Why does the chicken have large breasts?


08. How many days does it take to grow a chicken?


09. Why does Carole allow the filmmakers to film in het shed?


10. Why aren't the antibiotics working anymore?


11. How come the companies can control the farmers?


12. Why is there an illusion of choice?


13. How much of the agricultural land in the US is used for the growth of corn?


14. Why are they fond of commodity crops?


15. Which engineered food is Larry Johnson really proud of?


16. What 's another plus to corn? You can feed it to ...


17. What 's a CAFO?


18. What evolves because we feed corn to cows?


19. Where did it evolve to?


20. Why is more food contaminated than before?


21. How long did it take for the small boy to die?


22. How many years has it taken to pass Kevin's law?


23. How does the industry tackle any problems they have within the system?


24. What do they use in the meat manufacturing process to kill the germs with?


25. What did the Mexican people feel about their food earlier?


26. Why are the bad calories cheaper? 



Now answer the following questions in your group:


- what do you think needs to change in the USA?

- is the situation in Holland as dire as it is over there?

- do you have eating habits that are bad for you?

- do you know where your food comes from?

- which animal do you feel sorry for because you know how it's being treated?

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