Louis Theroux | Drinking to Oblivion

Louis follows a few alcoholics around in their attempt to get cleaned up. Gripping report!


01. What is so difficult for Pieter to handle?


02. Why doesn't Mariana want to leave him?


03. How much does Aurelie drink per day?


04. How long does it take to properly detox from alcohol?


05. How long had Joe been drinking before he finally collapsed in the street?


06. How much does Aurelie's boyfriend drink on a good day?


07. How does he hurt Aurelie's feelings?


08. What is the final fate [= lot] of an aloholic? How does he end up?


09. What does Mariana do for Pieter if he has a drinking period?


10. How did Joe's drinking change throughout the years?


11. What is Stuart's medical condition?


12. How long does 75% of the group have, who suffer from the same thing?


13. Which organ reveals Aurelie is very ill indeed [not the liver!]?


14. How does Louis come to see alcoholics after a few weeks?


15. Joe says he doesn't want something. What exactly?


16. What does he end up doing? Does he leave or not?


17. What shocked Louis in his feelings / approach towards Joe?


18. When would it be okay for Mariana to leave Pieter?


19. Why oh why does Aurelie stay with her boyfriend?


20. How does Joe end up and where is he staying?

Drinking to Oblivion
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