Jamie Oliver | Teach Every Child About Food

Children will be the answer!

Check out this prize winning TEDtalk by Mr Oliver back in 2010. He has something to say; doesn't shy away from some shock tactics either. Wonderful and easy to use as a 45-minute activity. Easy to interrupt and ask the class about their experiences with obese people, illnesses related to bad eating habits etc.

1. How many Americans will die because of food during Jamie's talk?


2. What does food do, according to Jamie?


3. What have we "blessed" our children with, us adults today?


4. We worry about murder but we die because of ___?


5. How much is spent on obesity of the health budget every year?


6. How long has Jamie been trying to "work" on America?


7. How long does Brittany have to live?


8. How much does Justin weigh?


9. Who get hurt by obesity?


10. What does pastor Steve do?


11. Jamie explains the triangle of food. What has changed to the food in the last 30 years?


12. What is the biggest problem in the home now?


13. What was the purpose of schools originally?


14. How many kids eat school food every day?


15. Who runs the system of school food?


16. What is considered fast food? It's hand ___ . What?


17. We don't teach kids about ___?


18. Jamie has a solution: we have got to start teaching our kids ___?


19. What happens to the milk in the USA?


20. How much sugar is added in the milk?


21. Any judge in the world would find the person guilty of ___?


22. We have to reboot and make real change. How? What should supermarkets do? 


23. What should the manufacturers of fast food do?


24. What should happen in schools? School meals?


25. You can care and be ___?


26. "If one person teaches 3 people how to cook something and they teach 3 of their mates, that only has to repeat itself ___ ...


27. How much does it cost per school to get fresh food in?


28. What word does Jamie use to describe the change?


29. What amazing things are happening already?


30. Why does Jamie "apologize" for telling them what to do?


31. Jamie wanted to stand before the "movers and shakers" and a month later ___


32. What is Jamie's wish?

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