Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols | This is what LGBT life is like around the world

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  1. What was her parents reaction when she "came out"?
  2. Is being Gay a Western thing?
  3. What was Lisa's job?
  4. What was their mission when they set off on their journey?
  5. What was their problem at first?
  6. Who did they meet in Nepal?
  7. What was successfully implemented in 2007?
  8. Which problem did Lisa have going to the ladies' bathroom in most countries?
  9. What is extraordinary about India's prince?
  10. Why did he come out the way he did?
  11. Where are gay rights earned? 
  12. What did the hairdresser ask Jenny?
  13. What happens to 89% of people who come out to their families in Kenia?
  14. What did Argentia do as the first country in Latin-America?
  15. How many countries did they visit? And how many super-gays did they interview?
  16. How many countries still criminalize being gay?
  17. Which effect takes place if one country takes steps in creating more equality?


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