Ken Robinson | Changing Education Paradigms

The main goal here is to get a discussion going on where education is headed.

Another idea might also be to connect an internet assignment to it [Who is Ken

Robinson, how does he get his ideas across, what are his main ideas, do you agree

with what he's saying, what strikes a chord, what doesn't etc etc.]


Here below some assignments to be answered in between watching the clip above,

however the clip is fast and they are supposed to watch it, so you might want to

consider playing the clip first and presenting them with the questions later. In that

case, ask them to write down new words they encountered whilst listening.




1. Why are countries reforming public education? Sir Ken Robinson mentions 2





2. "They are trying to meet the future by ___" what does he say here?


3. What was the line we were being fed when "we" went to school and no longer

applies to the new generation now?


4. When was the current education system designed and in what age?


5. Why did many people object to compulsory education?


6. What was the reasoning behind compulsory education?


7. What is real intelligence?


8. There are 2 types of people: which two?


9. Which word does Sir Robinson use for the ADHD craze?


10. What happens to these AHDH kids?


11. Which multimedia influences are kids under these days? Mention 3.


12. What is the goal of giving kids Ritalin or other drugs for ADHD?


13. As you travel east into the country, ADHD levels do what?


14. What type of experience do the arts result in?


15. What does anaesthetic mean?


16. Which factory type of organisation does he compare the current school system to?


17. We educate children by batches. How?


18. What is divergent thinking? Which definition does he give?


19. People who are good at divergent thinking might think of a paperclip as ___


20. What age were these test persons first?


21. And what about retesting? What had "overcome" these kids after all these years?


22. Outside school, copying is considered ___?


23. Most great learning happens how?


24. The natural learning environment is ___? 


New vocabulary

To alienate




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