Ken Robinson | How to Escape Education's Death Valley


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Listening comprehension

  1. Why are the British not reserved?
  2. When did he realize the Americans did know irony?
  3. In Native Americans, how high is the rate of drop-outs?
  4. What would the net gain be, if you halved the drop-out rate?
  5. "No child left behind" is based not on diversity but ...
  6. "Equal weight has to go to ..." Mention at least 2 things he says.
  7. How many kids are diagnosed as having some form of ADHD in the US?
  8. Children don't suffer from ADHD but they suffer from ___?
  9. What is the second principle in life?
  10. What things do great teachers also do, besides teaching?
  11. The role of the teacher is to facilitate ...
  12. "Testing is important but that should not be the dominant culture of education. They should be ___". What?
  13. When does Sir Robinson prefer a standard test, though?
  14. What's the third typical thing in humans?
  15.  Which country often comes out on top in education?
  16. How many inhabitants does that country have?
  17. It's not comparable to the US but you can certainly compare it to ___?
  18. Which second thing do they do in that country where education does work?
  19. "Investing in professional development is not a cost, it's an ___. Which word does he use?
  20. What is the present / current approach to education?
  21.  "There are conditions under which people ___". Which word does he use here?
  22. Describe alternative education: it's ___ and ___ and ___
  23.  "Death valley is not dead, it's ___". What?
  24. What should the real role of leadership be?
  25. By the way, why do you think listening to this speaker is so nice? What does he do to keep your attention?


Your own opinion

  • What do you like in your current education? What do you dislike?
  • What is the first thing you would change if you had the chance?
  • How do you get better motivated kids in Holland?
  • Do you agree with any of Sir Robinson's claims? Which one[s]?

Feel free to drop any ideas on my desk regarding this topic. Maybe we can get into it a bit further.

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