King Of Kong | A Fistful Of Quarters

The old-fashioned arcade games taken to a completely new level! This will have you on the edge of your seat, for sure! 



01. Who is Billy Mitchell? What has he accomplished?


02. What do the retro games require of players?


03. What happened at the Life Magazine Photo shoot?


04. What happens when Billy walks into an arcade?


05. What does he do as a daytime job?


06. What age was he when he finally conquered the game of Pacman?


07. Which talents did Steve have when he was young? Mention at least three.


08. What seems to be Steve’s problem, according to his friend?


09. How long does an average Donkey Kong game last?


10. Billy says it’s skill, but Steve says it’s …?


11. What does the referee say you need the most?


12. What came in between getting the world record for him?


13. What’s Walter’s job?


14. What does Robert do for Twin Galaxies?


15. What’s he finally decided to do as a job?


16. Who is Mr Awesome?


17. What was weird about Billy’s involvement in validating Steve’s record?


18. Where did Steve make a mistake?


19. What is Funspot?


20. What have they asked Steve to do at Funspot?


21. What’s the guy doing calling Billy in between?


Roughly halfway through the documentary here __________


King Of Kong II
Louis Theroux | Gangsta Rap