Lewis Pugh | Mind-shifting Everest Swim

Imagine a guy and a lake full of freezing water.

An inspirational TEDtalk about raising awareness for the changing temperatures and melting glaciers. Easy to use as either a full lesson [add any activity you want] or as a lesson finisher.

A. Read the following questions and watch the first part of the video: 


  1. Where did his first “cold” swim take place?

  2. He found it was the most ___ place on earth. What?

  3. What did he think about the bottom of the ocean?

  4. How long did the swim take?

  5. What was the distance he covered then?

  6. What did his fingers look like?

  7.  What do the following words mean:

    1. pear-shaped

    2. rev up

    3. expand

B. Now read the following questions and watch the next part: [2’15”]


  1. How was Lake Imja formed. Explain in your own words.

  2. Why will this part of the world be the next battleground?

  3. How many people rely on the water from the Himalayas?

  4. Why was it hard to climb the mountain?

  5. What was another not very motivating activity going on at the time?

  6. Why did Lewis encounter problems with his first swim?

  7. “Drowning is the most peaceful death that you can have”. Does Lewis agree?

    What does he say?

  8. Which advice was given to Lewis regarding his tactics?

  9. What type of mindset did he need for the swim?

  10. Which 2 lessons did Lewis learn?

  11. Why does he relate climate change to mount Everest?

  12. Which question does he ask the audience?

  13. Why does Lewis swim symbolic swims?
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