Louis Theroux | Gangsta Rap

Louis tries his hand at some rap music: hilarious!


01. What is Louis’s goal today?


02. Would Cuty Pie go soft if it sold more records?


03. What is Gangsta Rap?


04. What is the second thing Forefront is in?


05. What does Dick McGee do for Forefront?


06. Why did Satin take her top off during rehearsal?


07. What did Mellow do before he started in the music business?


08. What fascinates Louis about Mellow’s way of being a rapper?


09. What does Mellow want for himself?


10. Why do Mellow and Louis have to keep moving in the hood?


11. At Pen and Pixel what does the guy point out on the walls?


12. Who make rap artist into millionaires by buying their records?


13. What is Trey’s album about?


14. What type of gangster has Louis become on Sean’s picture?


15. What is Master P’s real name?


16. How did P fit into the neighbourhood? Didn’t neighbours worry?


17. What does “keeping it real” mean?


18. What does TRU mean?


19. Does Louis have heart?


20. Why would P perhaps lose his credibility?


21. What is the topic of Louis’ song?


22. Which car does Louis drive that he wants to mention in the song?


23. What does it mean when you say: “My money don’t jiggle, it folds”?


24. How does Louis feel about performing on Wild Wayne’s show?


25. Do some rappers live the life because they want to rap about it?


26. What does Louis do wrong?


27. How can the listeners pick Louis?


28. Who wins? By how much?


29. What nicknames does “Sunshine” give Mellow T?


30. What does the pistol / gun mean to Mellow T?


31. Does Louis think he’s a better rapper for living the life?



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