Louis Theroux | The city addicted to crystal meth


  1. What type of drug is chrystal meth?
  2. Which city is Louis in?
  3. What does Louis find sad in the drug house?
  4. Why does the lady take chrystal meth every day?
  5. What is a side effect on women when they use meth? 
  6. Why do women become addicted?
  7. When Sentika cleaned on meth, really she was __________
  8. She can't go to her partner, because she might risk __________
  9. What is the word for injecting meth?
  10. What is a UC? Car?
  11. How old was Brett when his grandmother took over raising him?
  12. When do the kids go to sleep?
  13. Is the meth cooked in Fresno?
  14. How does Louis feel when they smoke meth in front of him?
  15. Louis apologizes for being negative. What does the guy say his house is like?
  16. What does Sentika give to her daughter?
  17. Why were the couple apart for 7 years?
  18. How did Diane feel Shen she got pictures of her kids?
  19. How did Louis start to feel after a few nights out on patrol?
  20. What does the policeman fear for the future?
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