Lyrics Project

This is a remarkable project for your students!


Orientation lesson

(questions to be read by teacher or displayed on smartboard/beamer) 

  1. What are your favourite singers / bands?
  2. Do you carefully listen to what they sing?
  3. What are the major themes discussed in the chart songs (top 40)?
  4. Is a songtext more than some words to a catchy tune? Explain.
  5. Write down as many types of music as you can.


Divide the class into groups of 4/5 and assign each a musicstyle.


  1. Rap
  2. R & B
  3. Soul
  4. Grunge
  5. Protest songs
  6. Disco / pop
  7. House music / Trance
  8. Metal / Rock


Off to the computer room:

  1. Look for info on your theme
  2. Divide the workload amongst yourselves
  3. Work everything out digitally
  4. Put everything together in a PowerPoint presentation 


What should be in the PowerPoint presentation?

  1. A definition of the music style you investigated.
  2. Characteristics of the music style.
  3. Singers and bands who perform this style.
  4. Examples in songtexts which clarify.
  5. Your own song written in that style.
  6. An example on cd/youtube to be listened to.
  7. A songtext copy so the teacher can copy it beforehand.
  8. It should be at least 6-7 minutes long.
  9. It can either speak for itself or you can choose a presenter to make the comments.
  10. Your cooperation will be monitored by your teacher and marks may vary accordingly. (if someone doesn’t work hard his mark will be lower).
Which time is which
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