Modal verbs 1 | assignment

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A. Fill in the appropriate modal verb

(will, shall, would, could, should, can, may, must, ought to, etc.)

  1. You _____ smoke in here.
  2. You _____ have to give up smoking.
  3. It’s too horrible, it _____ be true.
  4. Betsy said we _____ to give her a hand.
  5. Your grandmother _____ be at least a hundred years!
  6. You just said I _____ go for another ride!
  7. I _____ give up bungee-jumping, no matter what happens!
  8. This _____ have been prevented.
  9. I _____ get out of the car fast enough.
  10. I _____ think of a single thing that she _____ say. 


B. Fill in the irregular verb

  1. She has _____ him five children. (baren)
  2. He put his arms around her and _____ her close to him. (trekken)
  3. A cold wind _____ across the lake from the north. (waaien)
  4. He _____ a doctor in 1992. (worden)
  5. The Clinton testimony will be _____ live on television. (uitzenden)
  6. Mother’s death has _____ a shadow on our lives. (werpen)
  7. She _____ into the room and turned on the television. (komen)
  8. How would you have _____ with problems like these? (behandelen)
  9. A new difficulty has _____ . (ontstaan)
  10. You will have to _____ between her and me. (kiezen)


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