Monica Lewinsky | The Price of Shame

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Watch the video and answer the following questions while watching:


01. How long has she been silent?


02. When did she lose her reputation and dignity?


03. How was news consumed in 1998? Via which 3 channels?


04. What was she branded as?


05. She talks about "mobs of stone throwers": what does she mean with this?


06. What is the more common name we use now for what happened to her?


07. What did she feel like when the tapes were made public?


08. Why does she use Tyler as an example?


09. What is the dark side of the internet and social media?


10. Which emotion is more strongly felt than anger and __________?


11. What happened to SnapChat? [15.08]


12. The more we click on gossip, the more __________?


13. How can we change the culture of public shaming?


14. Why does she speak up now?



After watching, explain what these words mean:


  • empathy =

  • consistency =

  • to foster =


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