One Man's Loss | Philip Sansom

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 Thinking and listening


1. What is the biggest city you have ever been to? What sorts of things did you see there? Write

down some sentences with your impressions.



Now share your findings with your neighbour / group. Which cities? What do they have in 




Watch the clip and answer the following questions to the best of your abilities:


2. Why is the man in the Mercedes checking his collar?


3. Why does the tramp nearly get run over by a car?


4. Which 2 things happen at the same time foot-wise?


5. Where does the lady orginally come from?


6. How much did the shoes cost that she tosses out the window?


7. The guy calls her another name for emotional. Which word does he use?


8. How does she finally know he did spend the night with another lady?


9. She has her revenge. How?





Write a small story on the make over the tramp undergoes. What did he first look like and

how did he change within a five-minute timeframe?






What does this clip tell you about outward appearance?

Can you phrase one sentence to summarize it?

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