Passenger | Staring At The Stars

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Tobacco __________ our yellow teeth

And all our fingers and underneath

Our fingernails, that __________ on sheets

As we try __________ to sleep

Hearts are __________ and eyes are tired

And all this Red Bull keeps us __________

Gives us wings, 

It gives us __________ around our eyes

We put three sugars in our __________

Sit to watch too much day time TV

And laugh at __________

Who don't know who the father is

And all our girlfriends are long __________

We watch too much internet __________

Who needs love

When you've got __________ and strap-ons

And beer bloats our __________ guts

And shit jobs keep us in __________

And keep us eyeing up

The whats and ifs and __________ and maybes

And __________ over in the street

Is just a part of every __________

And we lie __________

Just staring at the stars


Remember when they were in reach

And all the teachers __________ teach

You can do anything

If you __________ your mind to it

We put our minds to it all

But disappointment crashed __________

We could have done anything

But we just never __________ knew it


So tie your scarf on __________

It's to be a cold night

Tie your scarf on __________

It's to be a cold night

Repeat chorus

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