Present continuous | 1

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Please, answer the following questions, either after makin the assignment or before.

What does this tense look like?

How do you recognize it in the sentence?

When do you use it?



  1. You shouldn’t bother me when I ___ a shower. (to take)
  2. It ___ colder, can you feel that? (to get)
  3. He ___ very hard now because he can’t do the year again. (to work)
  4. She ___ all her friends to invite them to her party. (to call)
  5. They ___ excuses, you know? (always + to make)
  6. This year the vegetables in our garden ___ quite well. (to grow)
  7. She can’t come now because she ___ her room. (to clean)
  8. He ___ in Germany but he’ll come back. (to work)
  9. The press are responsible for the fact that Doe Maar ___ such a grand comeback. (to make)
  10. In August we ___ a holiday. (to take)
  11. My mother ___ about my loud music. (always + to complain)
  12. I ___ you are right, but I am not sure. (to hope)
  13. Don’t disturb him, he ___ TV. (to watch)
  14. She ___ ready as we speak, just wait for a bit. (to get)
  15. I ___ medication but it ___ any better. (to take / NOT + to get)
  16. The Dutch climate ___ hotter. (to get)
  17. My teacher ___ much slower than usual. (to speak)
  18. I ___ my parents to tell them I’ve landed safely. (to call)
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