Psychopath | BBC doc

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01. What is the first time he contemplated a murder?


02. Which object did he choose to provoke his brother with?


03. What are the scientists looking for?


04. What do psychopaths not experience?


05. How many people are psychopathic in Britain?


06. Although they might not kill, what sort of damage can they cause?


07. Who are the only psychopaths that can be studied?


08. What has Robert Hare developed that is important in this field?


09. What is the name for the hardest group in jail?


10. What is difficult for the therapists?


11. Who had the second psychopath better not be around?


12. If you look beyond what he is saying, you can see a __________.


13. Why is it still important to pay attention to such a small group in society?


14. How many Americans are estimated to psychopaths?


15. What is the common explanation people give to psychopaths?


16. Which car chase was publically televised?


17. What had happened to him when he was a child?


18. Are all psychopaths discovered publically?


19. What sort of "trick" would the business guy use? Give an example.


20. What is another word for a sub-criminal psychopath?


21. Why is it so hard to discover a psychopath?


22. How do psychopaths differ culturally? What are Americans like?


23. Can we fix this problem?


24. Are they born or shaped?


25. Is a bad childhood the reason for psychopathy?


26. Why can't children be diagnosed?


27. How could the brain help out?


28. What type of photos do they show to provoke a reaction?


29. What does the Amygdala in the brain do?

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