Ethics | Vocab Expansion

The BBC advertises “Revision”, which means: the studying youngsters such as yourselves

do to make it through their GCSEs (exams)

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The Success of Kenyan Athletes | Gap fill

Sports editor Linda Spurr investigated Kenya’s amazing success in middle and long-distance running over the past 25 years.


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What's In A Word?

Check out this blog!

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Prep For Your Exam

It's nearly exam time! What can you do roughly one month before D-day?

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Students' Attention | How To Get It & Keep It

In the world of adolescents, teachers are a drag. Well, they can be and most usually are. How to battle this without seeming to try too hard? How do you get around all the prejudice? How do you manage to grab their attention and hold on to it and have them open up in your classroom? And I don’t mean for one lesson, but for a much longer period in time. Mind you, all these things are done in the target language.

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