The Apprentice 2014 | Episode 10

01. Where is the meet?


02. Which building hosts the Tate Britain?


03. What are the teams supposed to do?


04. What does Salomon arrange for himself?


05. What does Karen bring up regarding Katy's taste?


06. Daniel is surprised about Bianca's tea knowledge? Why?


07. What's Daniel's response when he tastes the end product?


08. What happened with Roshin's pitch?


09. Who did the teams pitch to first?


10. What did Daniel do during the second pitch?


11. What do they say about the saffron?


12. What does Salomon see as a good sign?


13. What happened with Marc when he presented?


14. How does Nick talk about Salomon's achievement?


15. What should you do with market research? Focus on anyone who ___


16. Who won?


17. What's the reward for the winners?


18. What does Lord Sugar think of Sanje's business plan?


19. What does Lord Sugar think of Katy's idea? 


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