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Topics On Recent Exams English VWO

This is a list with topics which were in the past exams. If revision on other subjects or doing yet

another exam gets too much, it might be wise to select any of the topics below and google it so as

to find a clip, doc or short film on it. This way revision becomes more fun and your chances of

success increase. Mind the vocab while watching the clip / movie etc!  

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The Making of Modern Britain | Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr delves into history for a bit. Queen Victoria and what not.

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John Donne | The Sun Rising [1633]

Check out this blog!

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Dulce et Decorum Est | Wilfred Owen


Check out this blog!

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CITO Texts Tips 'n Tricks

Help with the exam texts. These are observations from my own experience. Feel free to use.

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