Robert Swan | Let’s save the last pristine continent


  1. How may kilometres is it to the South Pole?

  2. Does Robert call himself an explorer?

  3. What is the most frightening thing he has ever done?

  4. What happens if people won’t listen to what the melting ice is telling us?

  5. What does the Antarctic Treaty forbid?

  6. What is Rob’s mission? What inspired him?

  7. How much of earth's fresh water is locked in Antarctica?

  8. What happened to Rob during his journey south?

  9. When – according to Rob – are people actually feeling cold?

  10. What did Rob realise during his journey up North?

  11. Why was succeeding harder than making the journey possible?

  12. Who inspired Rob after coming back from his journey?

  13. Name two things Rob did when he started his 2041-mission.

  14. Who inspired Rob to recycle?

  15. How to look after Antarctica according to Rob?

  16. How many metres will the sea level rise in the next 100 years?


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