Robert Waldinger | What Makes A Good Life?

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01. What was a major life goal for 80% of the asked millenials?


02. What was the second major life goal?


03. What is the problem with asking people about their life?


04. What is the name of the longest study done on adult life ever?


05. How long does it normally take for such a study to dissolve?


06. How many original people are still in the study?


07. What year did they start in?


08. Why did they follow the Boston boys?


09. What do the Boston guys wonder about when they get yet another questionnaire?


10. What are the lessons that they've learned?


11. What do they say about loneliness? Loneliness __________. [use one word here]


12. How many Americans report to experience loneliness in their life?


13. What made all the difference when looked at in their fifties, later on when they were 80?


14. What was the third big lesson learned?


15. Bickering didn't matter, but feeling that you are __________ did. What?


16. The people who fared the best in life were the people who __________?


17. The good life is built with __________. 

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