Louis Theroux | Drinking to Oblivion

Louis follows a few alcoholics around in their attempt to get cleaned up. Gripping report!

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Discussion Topics

You might want to use one or more of these topics for class discussions

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Heineken | The Candidate

This is a wonderful, small clip which I use a lot when we talk about how to apply for a job. Fun music, footie, humour: this viral has it all.


General discussion in twos, groups or as a class [or think, pair, share]


1. How should someone present themselves in a job interview?

2. What clothing should be worn to an interview? Describe a suitable outfit [male and female].

3. What about your CV or resume? What should you list on it? Mention 4 different categories.

4. Try to get into the role of employer. What is the first thing you pay attention to when the

candidate walks in?

5. Try to convince the employer why it is that they need to hire you. You are the best

suitable candidate because ...

6. Back to being the candidate. How can you make sure you stand out from other people?


Let's watch the clip and have a look now.


Answer the following questions while watching the viral:


01. How many applicants wanted to become an intern at Heineken?


02. What "weird" thing do they do during phase 1?


03. How does the interviewer "surprise" the candidates in the office?


04. Why is it important that they leave the office?


05. Where is the final test?


06. How does the music help the general feeling you get?



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Seeds of Freedom | Ethics

The environment is hot! Sustainability is trending. Well, there's nothing sustainable about Monsanto. Watch how they changed farmers' lives forever, and not for the better.


Watch the movie and while watching try to explain the following new vocabulary from the context:

Intro - 1'45"


Arisen =


Poignant =


Sacred =


Commodity =


Genetically engineered =


Tackling = 


Quote: "Diversity is key to our survival". Please explain.





Ancestral =


Forebears =


Inheritors = 


Breeding = 


Resilience = 


Nutritional =



The Road To Industry

While watching this part try to deduct what the farmers all say has happened to their line of work.


Embroiled = 


Hybrid = 


Indigenous = 


Purchased = 


Sustainable = 


Detrimental = 


Corporate = 


Yield = 


Maturation = 


Patented = 


Resistance = 



In conclusion watch the rest of the film and talk together about what this means. Is this the way to  

go? Should something be done? If so, what?


Or write an essay about this topic, using the movie as a basis. 

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Wealth Inequality In America | What Is Ideal, Perception or Actual?

Money, money, money. And US dollars, for that matter. Or rather, how ill-divided it all is. But that's not what we think!

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