Speaking After Holiday | Prepping For Speaking Exam

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Speaking assignment in pairs


01. Ask the other person after their holidays. Was it fun? Did they do something interesting /

out of the ordinary?


02. Now choose one of your books from the literature exam and compare it to something you

did during your Christmas break. Was your experience something that could have been made

into a book?


03. The listener takes notes and helps improve the English fluency of the story teller.


04. Now switch and talk about another book compared to something you did / someone you  

know did in their vacation.


05. Resit next to someone else and talk about one of our other books on your list.


06. Again: the listener takes notes and helps improve the story teller's English.


07. When the book is done, reverse roles.


When done, you will have talked about 2 of your books and you will have listened twice.

Hopefully, you will now have many new words and expressions to use for your speaking exam.

Good luck!

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