Stephen Fry And The Great American Oil Spill

A picture can say more than a 1,000 words!

Watch the documentary and answer these questions while listening:

01. How many barrels of oil spilled into the ocean?

02. Why is it more common nowadays to see landscapes cluttered with oil riggs?

03. What has allegedly happened to the oil?

04. What do the citizens on the beach tell Stephen?

05. Why are many more turtles brought in?

06. Pelicans are the state birds. Which state is this?

07. Why do they catch the pelican?

08. Stephen and Mark aren't confident about the tour in the rehabilitation centre. Why?

09. BP wants you to see the cleaned up pelicans, but what do we not see?

10. So they go back in and start asking some hard questions, such as ...

11. Why is Mark really negative about the biggest oil companies?

12. It's odd that the same precious oil is now being scrubbed off as ...

13. Jeff predicts the oil could pop up in the Bayou, how?

14. Was it a good idea to use a dispersant on the oil?

15. What do the fishermen complain about who suffered the oil spill in 1989?

16. Fisherman James has a good deal now. He's paid twice. For what?

17. Why can Mike not go deep sea fishing?

18. In Alaska they still see the consequences of the spill, 20 years after the fact. How?

19. How is domestic violence related to the catastrophe?

20. Whose fault is it, really?


After watching:


Where do you stand on this?

What might be one way of preventing these things from happening?

Which other questions pop up?


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