Stephen Fry In America | 1. The New World

Our friendly host takes us through all the states in a London taxi. Gotta love our Stephen!


1. The first town Stephen visits is the … capital in the world?


2. Is there a word for people from Maine? How are people from Maine regarded? 


3. After cooking the lobsters look different. How?


New Hampshire


4. In what proceedings does New Hampshire play an important role?


5. What’s Stephen’s opinion on these meetings?


6. Why did Germany prosper [welvaren] in the fifties? And why did we prosper too?


7. Mount Washington is the … place on the planet?




8. Which famous product comes from Vermont?


9. Why do we need icecream in our world?


New York


10. Not NY city, but … ? And it’s the size of …?


11. What does Stephen like so much about the out-house he visits?


12. What else can you do here, that’s really for everyone?


13. What do the men rub on their clothes?


14. What’s the nickname [bijnaam] of this state?




15. Why were the American colonists fed up?


16. What did John Harvard do for Massachusettes?


17. People still aspire to …?


18. Why did the Puritans come to America?


19. Who come to Salem on Halloween?


20. Which day follows Halloween in “normal” society?


Rhode Island / Connecticut


21. Stephen’s on 2 boats in a row. What type of boats?


22. What’s the name of the crew’s kitchen on board?


23. How long is an average tour?


24. What is the only thing that limits their stay at sea?


25. Rhode Island


26. What name did the rich give the huge houses?


27. Which wedding did the woman attend?




28. What is going on in Manhattan, according to the cab driver?


29. What type of people doesn’t the cabby like to take in his taxi?


30. Who is Stephen going to visit in the Bronx?


31. Running numbers is explained. How does it work?


32. How can you “rig” the gambling on horses?


33. Who’s Stephen next guest in the cab?


34. What do people do to the song “Englishman in New York?”


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