The Apprentice 2016 | S12 E12


01. When does Lord Sugar want to meet the candidates? 

02. Which field of business are they all in? Mention 2.

03. How much money has Lord Sugar already invested in previous winners?

04. What does Claude say about her performance?

05. What does Courtney say how Claude feels?

06. What does Claude say to Elana as to her character?

07. What is Courtney doing in the elevator?

08. Why did Grainne not show her business plan to anyone?

09. What is Jessica told about her manufacturing in the UK?

10. What does Claude say to Courtney?

11. What does Claude do after Courtney finally opens up?

12. Why is Jessica a bit hyped?

13. What is Courtney asked to draw?

14. What is Courtney's year salary?

15. What is Jessica's business name?

16. Which benefit does Elana's business have?


17. What is Grainne's problem?

18. What does Elana want next to the investment?

19. Does it help if you mention you are Lord Sugar's partner? 

20. Who gets fired next?

21. Who is the first finalist?




Sunscreen | Baz Luhrmann
Overpopulated | Hans Rosling