The Apprentice 2016 | S12 E2

01. In which part of London are we?

02. This week's task is to come up with a __________

03. How many days do they have?

04. What happened to Rebecca?

05. Why are they out on the street?

06. What is Claude trying to point out?

07. What happens when Jessica learns she has forgotten the jeans?

08. What happened with the boys interactive billboard?

09. What are they supposed to do on day 2?

10. Which setting do the girls choose?

11. Where do the boys shoot their ad?

12. What does Karen think of the girls choice of song?

13. What gets delivered in the morning?

14. What do the girls ask Jessica?

15. Which feedback do the girls get regarding their product? 

16. At the pitch, what happens to the boys' team leader?

17. What does unisex mean?

18. What does Lord Sugar do after the pitches were over?

Go to 48'50"

19. Which product will Lord Sugar put his name to?

20. Lord Sugar asks Oliver and Nathalie what they actually did?

21. The end result is unique: who will get back into the boardroom later?

22. Who gets fired? 


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