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 Underline the verbs in the following sentences:


1. Sam told her the good news at once.


2. Lea is having the time of her life.


3. Caroline has a job in Oxford.


4. The road accident had happened during the rush-hour.


5. Bryan misses English class far too often.


6. Luke and Lisa have bought a house in Wales.


Now go ahead and circle the objects in the sentences [lijdend vw / meew vw]


Put these objects now at the beginning of your new sentence


Check the tense in the start sentence: is it past, present, future or perfect?


Choose a form of TO BE in the same tense as the start sentence.

Choose from ‘am, are, is, was, were, been or be’.


Add to the verbs from the start sentence

Choose ‘been’ if you have ‘have walked’ for instance. Put the form of To Be in the middle.

With ‘will try’ you would get ‘will be tried’.


Check to see if it’s correct. Make sure the subject [ow] is correct with the aux verb [hulpww].

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