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01. What is Will Sherman aiming for?


02. How many paces did Michael take before he pulled a muscle?


03. How much bodyfat does Will have?


04. What is one of the main reasons people work out?


05. If you want to lose weight you should mind __________?


06. What is seperated out in the centrifuge?


07. Where does fat do the most damage inside the body?


08. Michael is a TOFI. What do the letters stand for?


09. What did the walk last night do for Michael?


10. What is wrong with government guidelines regarding exercise?


11. How many people did not respond well to exercise?


12. How can they find out what type of person Michael is?


13. Which 2 health factors are going to be measured?


14. How many minutes does Michael have to cycle per week?


15. How can such a short work-out have such an effect?


16. Dr Levine suggests increasing your NEAT. What does NEAT mean?


17. Out of the three test persons: who has the highest NEAT?


18. Which percentage of the population does NOT take regular exercise?


19. Why is it so important to keep moving?


20. Why does Michael have to cycle with low oxygen levels?


21. What does his brain do when he pushes his leg?


Conclusion: Exercise should be tailored individually. Many people do NOT respond to regular exercise. You can improve your NEAT. And chairs kill us.

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