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Tabacco land


1. What is the general opinion in Indonesia on smoking?


2. Which percentage of men in “the west” smokes nowadays?


3. On which two products does the average Indonesian spend his money?


4. What is the most important reason for the increasing number of children that smoke in

Indonesia according to Tulus Abdi?


5. How many of the girls smoke in Indonesia?


6. Why isn’t the government doing anything against the tobacco-industry?


7. Mention two “positive effects” from smoking according to Indonesian people.


8. What is the aluminium foil for during the treatment?


9. What do the real doctors think of the “smoking treatment”?


10. How can the smoking problem be solved according to VICE?



Underground Heroin Clinic


1. What are your three options as a heroin addict?


2. What is Ibogaine?


3. Why did Dimitri go to Africa?


4. What does Jeff Israel do at his clinic?


5. What do they sacrifice to / at the tree?


6. What is the most important equipment in the place?


7. How did the treatment affect Matt?


8. What’s your opinion on the Ibogaine treatment?


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