The Apprentice 2016 | S12 E12


01. When does Lord Sugar want to meet the candidates? 

02. Which field of business are they all in? Mention 2.

03. How much money has Lord Sugar already invested in previous winners?

04. What does Claude say about her performance?

05. What does Courtney say how Claude feels?

06. What does Claude say to Elana as to her character?

07. What is Courtney doing in the elevator?

08. Why did Grainne not show her business plan to anyone?

09. What is Jessica told about her manufacturing in the UK?

10. What does Claude say to Courtney?

11. What does Claude do after Courtney finally opens up?

12. Why is Jessica a bit hyped?

13. What is Courtney asked to draw?

14. What is Courtney's year salary?

15. What is Jessica's business name?

16. Which benefit does Elana's business have?


17. What is Grainne's problem?

18. What does Elana want next to the investment?

19. Does it help if you mention you are Lord Sugar's partner? 

20. Who gets fired next?

21. Who is the first finalist?




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The Apprentice 2016 | S12 E10

01. How many weeks until the final?

02. Which product are they promoting this week?

03. What has to go together perfectly, in Karen's eyes?

04. What are they working on on the first day?

05. What are they doing in East London?

06. Which ingredient is weird in Elana's choice?

07. Which name does Courtney have for his gin?

08. What is happening with the colony gin team?

09. What does Courtney say about the taste?

10. Who will lead the first pitch with the girls?

11. What does Claude have to say about Courtney's pitch?

12. Elena says they'll taste __________.

13. What happens while Frances is presenting?

14. How does Courtney do on the Tesco pitch?

15. What happened on Trishna's pitch?

16. How does Courtney's team pitch do with the pubs?

17. How come the girls didn't answer the phone?

18. How did Giin do? How much did Giin get ordered?

19. What does Frances say should have happened on her team?

20. What did Trishna say to changing the colour?

21. Why does Groinne apologize to Trishna?

22. What does Trishna say to Frances?

23. Who does Lord Sugar fire?

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The Apprentice 2016 | S12 E9

01. Which world are they entering today?

02. What are they supposed to do today?

03. How are they dressed while working?

04. At what time do they leave the house?

05. Which point is Dillon making in the car?

06. What is Courtney pitching to Trishna?

07. For what occasion are the teams dressing up?

08. What does Trishna think of the name?

09. What is missing in Galactic Gordon's game logo?

10. When do they present their game? At what time?

11. What did they ask about the main character?

12. What did Sofian say about their own pitch? How did it go?

13. Why did Trishna choose Courtney as the subteam leader?

14. Lord Sugar is no gamer, but he understands massive __________.

15. What did Courtney do?

16. What does Courtney look like, in Karen's eyes?

17. How did Jessica do on the pitch?

18. Who is Coral Kid aimed at?

19. What did Sofian do wrong at the pitch?

20. Who got the interest of the experts? And the popular vote?

21. Dillon mentions what he thinks the problem was.

22. What is Dillon's critique of the logo?

23. Elana is quite critical about Sofian and Dillon: what does she say?

24. Lord Sugar criticizes the pitch. Who sets him straight?

25. Who gets fired? 

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The Apprentice 2016 | S12 E8

01. Where is the meet?

02. Where is team Nebula's venue [=place]?

03. Which entertainment is chosen for Madame Tussaud's?

04. How can they boost their profit on the night itself?

05. Who is selling the most tickets at 35 pounds?

06. What does Dillon ask at the aquarium?

07. What does Paul say are the prices now?

08. What is the problem with the mermaid?

09. How does Paul feel when he hears what they sold the tickets for?

10. How does Dillon want the team to sell the tickets?

11. What does Paul do with the subteam?

12. What does Claude say he'd expect as food?

13. How long does it take to create a wax figure [doll]?

14. What does Claude have to say about the canapés? [food]

15. How was Trishna's tour?

16. What happens to Dillon's hot food?

17. What is Paul talking about with his guests?

18. What is Claude's comment after that?

19. What does Karen say the "Dillon"-party was like?


20. What was the main idea? To go for customer __________

21. Where did they fail to sell the tickets?

22. How much were Paul's tickets at first?

23. Which team won?

24. How does Jessica feel?

25. What was the average price of the losing team's tickets?

26. Lord Sugar didn't like a row [fight] right in front of the customers. How does Paul react?

27. What does Francis get blamed for?

28. How does Lord Sugar react to Paul about Jessica?

29. Lord Sugar talks to Paul: "he is showing his __________".

30. Who gets fired?



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The Apprentice 2016 | S12 E7

01. What do they need to pack?

02. Where do they meet?

03. What does Karthik do wrong right away? Where does Karthik place Patrick?

04. Where do they go next?

05. What does Elana say about Karthik? 

06. Which comment does Karen make regarding their behavior at the jetski?

07. Which middle range product do both teams want?

08. Why did team Nebula not get the jetski? 

09. What do the changing robes cost?

10. What does Claude say about Grainne & Courtney? What are they kind of forgetting?

11. Why does Karthik not change his clothes?

12. What does Elana day to Dillon?

13. When will we find out about final takes?

-- The Boardroom --

14. Which mistake did the jetski couple make in the morning?

15. Did Elana sell anything?

16. How has Francis done in the Apprentice so far?

17. What does Karen say happened with the jetski?

18. How does the team value Francis as a team leader?

19. Who won?

-- go to 50" --

20. What does Claude say about Courtney?

21. What did Dillon get wrong?

22. Which word does Lord Sugar use for Karthak's performance?

23. What did Samuel do when selling?

24. What does Claude say to Samuel?

25. Who gets fired?



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