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Megacities | Living in the city

Megacities | Living in the city

It is estimated that in 2050 75% of the world population will reside in cities. And that's a challenge. Come find out more about megacities with Andrew Marr.

  1. What is the great story of our time?
  2. How many mega-cities are there? Mention 4.
  3. How many people arrive in Dhaka every year?
  4. How is Mexico City described?

  5. How many people will live in cities in the year 2050?

  6. How did Shanghai’s richest man make his money?
  7. How fast is Shanghai changing?
  8. What type of building is the Shard in London?
  9. Who is the highest man up?
  10. What does it seem, is it that new skyscrapers are trying to say?

  11. Who are at the top of those buildings?
  12. How much does the apartment Andrew is going to visit cost?

  13. How does the family who live in the slums feel about their home?

  14. Where does Musharaf come from?

  15. What happens to Andrew during the night? Which animals does he refer to?

  16. What is the “natural unit” for people to live in, in Andrew’s opinion? 

  17. What does the specific symbol on Shanghai buildings mean?

  18. What happens to the old inhabitants of that part of the city?

  19. How many new houses are built on the edge of the city every month?

  20. Tokyo struggles with ___? 

  21. What would it do to Andrew to live in such a “flat”?

  22. Tokyo is a city with very high ___ [not buildings!]?

  23. What can Tokyo do to some people, like it did to Ugo?

  24. Which type of events are rented people rented for the most?
  25. How is it that so many people get killed in Mexico city?

  26. What is the “up side” to the city?

  27. What is the purpose for some people to go to taco stands?

  28. Sunday is ___? And Andrew calls Mexico City a ___ place.

  29. Even London is now getting friendlier. How?

  30. London is more open, more ___?

  31. Sometimes you have to go far to know what __? 
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Billionaire Lord Sugar's Rich Lifestyle and Story


1: Who is Alan (Lord) Sugar?


2: What football club did he own?


3: Where does he live?


4: How rich do you have to be to live where Alan lives?


5: How many bedrooms does the house have?


6: What was the company called that Alan made?


7: How did Alan feel about his first big deal?


8: How much money did he make with this big deal?


9: What did the company make?


10: Wich (two) cars does he have?


11: What does his own license plate say?


12: Why does he pay 30M Dollars for a jet?


13: Why do people think that he is Australian?


14: What did Anne think about Alan buying the football club?


15: Why did everyone suddenly hate Alan?


16: What sort of restaurant did they go?


17: What does Alan think why their marriage survived for so long?


18: What did Anne think when she saw Alan for the first time?


19: What kind of game do Morgan and Alan play?


20: What television programme does Alan watch a lot?


21: How expensive is the blue/white bike?


22: What made Anne's dad decide that Alan was allowed to marry Anne?


23: What was the name of Alan's school?


24: What happened on the first day of school for Alan?


25: How did Alan get friends again?


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The Apprentice 2014 | Episode 10

01. Where is the meet?


02. Which building hosts the Tate Britain?


03. What are the teams supposed to do?


04. What does Salomon arrange for himself?


05. What does Karen bring up regarding Katy's taste?


06. Daniel is surprised about Bianca's tea knowledge? Why?


07. What's Daniel's response when he tastes the end product?


08. What happened with Roshin's pitch?


09. Who did the teams pitch to first?


10. What did Daniel do during the second pitch?


11. What do they say about the saffron?


12. What does Salomon see as a good sign?


13. What happened with Marc when he presented?


14. How does Nick talk about Salomon's achievement?


15. What should you do with market research? Focus on anyone who ___


16. Who won?


17. What's the reward for the winners?


18. What does Lord Sugar think of Sanje's business plan?


19. What does Lord Sugar think of Katy's idea? 


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The Apprentice 2014 | Episode 9

01. What is this week's task?


02. Which skill is most important now?


03. What does Katy make the boys promise?


04. How much money do the team get?


05. How much of a discount does Daniel get on the chicken?


06. What does Mark ask the sink dealer to do when the other team shows up?


07. How long has the other team been doing research for?


08. How does Bianca go about her sink deal?


09. Which word proves rather difficult to pronounce for Salomon?


10. What is Karen's objection to Sanjay's approach?


11. What does Felipe think qualifies as a skeleton?


12. At what price does Roshin start her negotiation of the diamond?


13. Why is Bianca a little upset with Salomon?


14. Roshin and Sanjay travelled all the way to __________?


Go to 36'30"


15. Skeleton. "You are taking the piss. You are having a __________!"


Go to 40'38"


16. What kills the deal for Daniel?


17. What is the winners' reward?


Go to 44'50"


18. Lord Sugar compliments the losers because __________


19. Who should be fired?


20. "I am the judge, jury and __________".


21. What does Nick say makes him feel uncomfortable?





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