Wealth Inequality In America | What Is Ideal, Perception or Actual?

Money, money, money. And US dollars, for that matter. Or rather, how ill-divided it all is. But that's not what we think!


Try to answer the following questions:


01. The clip shows 3 graphs. Which labels do the graphs have?


02. What is "shockingly skewed"?


03. What is shocking when you see the actual numbers?


04. How many Americans are there, anyway?


05. And what is the total wealth in the USA?


06. "1% of America has ___ % of the nation's wealth".


6. How long does an average employee have to work to make what a CEO makes an hour?


Discussion questions:


Sit together in groups of two or three and come up with two or three inspiring statements. Make sure they

are discussion evoking! Please, share them with your teacher and he / she will pick one to talk about in a

larger context.

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