CITO Listening Tips 'n Tricks

Some students prefer to read ahead, some don't. But here I will use the "traditional" way of being successful at CITO  listening.


1. Read the first question and answers.

2. Listen to the fragment [do NOT reread the answers while listening]

3. Once you hear the correct answer, note it down.

4. By the beep, you should be ready to read the next question and answers. If not, 

guess the previous answer and stay calm but do read the answers to the next item.


Tip: One way of saving time is to skip reading the questions. Why? Usually the

question is repeated on the CD/DVD and all you need to do is select the correct answer

out of the four. Not reading the question saves you time and therefore helps you do the

test in a more relaxed fashion.

Tip: Try closing your eyes while listening. It helps you focus.

Tip: Try to listen for synonyms to the words used in the correct answer. If they say "not so beautiful" they may 

rephrase this as "ugly" in the spoken fragment.

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