Sight: Contact Lenses with Augmented Reality

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  • Write a few sentences about the following statement [5 mins]


1. The use of social media like Facebook and Instagram has had a huge impact on my life ...


  • Now go ahead and do the same on the following statement [5 mins]


2. Facebook is just at the beginning: the future is ...


Try to come up with new ideas, things you think may be in use in 5-10 years time. How will

we communicate with each other? Which 'new' ways will be completely normal? What new

things will we be doing that we simply do not find acceptable/thinkable now? Be creative!


  • Let's talk about this! Who has really innovative thoughts on the matter? [5-10 mins]


  • Watch the video now.



[note to teacher: you may want to write down previous statements on your board and keep

this assignment to yourself, reading the following questions before watching the video

might spoil the surprise and may influence their answers in the writing assignments]


Questions after watching:

  1. What kind of lenses is the main character wearing?

  2. And how did the world enter his eyes? What did it look like?

  3. At one point during the clip, he's watching tv, which commercial does he watch?

  4. List three things that happen during the date that the other person isn't aware of.

  5. She says: "On my last run, my sight crashed?" What does she mean?

  6. She freaks out at his place. Why? What does she call him?

  7. How will it end? Write down what you think will happen next and we'll talk about it.



[So, students can write down their own ending and the class can then discuss it]



Extra: clip on Siri

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