The Apprentice 2014 | Episode 9

01. What is this week's task?


02. Which skill is most important now?


03. What does Katy make the boys promise?


04. How much money do the team get?


05. How much of a discount does Daniel get on the chicken?


06. What does Mark ask the sink dealer to do when the other team shows up?


07. How long has the other team been doing research for?


08. How does Bianca go about her sink deal?


09. Which word proves rather difficult to pronounce for Salomon?


10. What is Karen's objection to Sanjay's approach?


11. What does Felipe think qualifies as a skeleton?


12. At what price does Roshin start her negotiation of the diamond?


13. Why is Bianca a little upset with Salomon?


14. Roshin and Sanjay travelled all the way to __________?


Go to 36'30"


15. Skeleton. "You are taking the piss. You are having a __________!"


Go to 40'38"


16. What kills the deal for Daniel?


17. What is the winners' reward?


Go to 44'50"


18. Lord Sugar compliments the losers because __________


19. Who should be fired?


20. "I am the judge, jury and __________".


21. What does Nick say makes him feel uncomfortable?





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